Monday 07 May 2018


When it comes to ensuring your home makes the best impression possible to prospective buyers, styling can be a make or break issue.

Effective styling can take your property from ‘all right’ to ‘wow’, so make sure it is high on your priority list when it comes to listing your property.

Consider a blank canvas

If working with a professional stylist, they may be able to incorporate some of your existing furniture, but they may feel the best result will be achieved if you remove everything and start fresh – don’t resist this advice.  You aren’t looking to present ‘your home’ after all, you are wanting to show off the property as ‘the buyer’s new home’ instead, and this means losing the personal touches and showing off the potential of the space with carefully selected and purposefully scaled furniture, soft furnishings and decorative touches.  

Ditch the clutter, even outside

When we think of removing clutter, it is natural that we think of those over-crowded book cases and untidy bench tops. Those need to be cleaned out for sure, but you also can’t forget your outdoor spaces, and especially those that greet the prospective buyer upon arrival – front yards, porches and steps. Remove these of clutter, ensure gardens are well presented, fences are in good order, and the façade has been cleaned. Even consider going as far as sprucing up your entry with new paint – you don’t want to turn off a prospective buyer before they even get inside your home with an untidy beginning after all.

Use furniture to tell a story

Choose and configure the furniture you show in your home strategically to help buyers to see the potential your space offers. Encourage flow from area to area and be sure to maximise the space you have available. Keep in mind the scale of your furniture choices when planning how to show your home, and don’t forget about the clutter – get rid of it to make the rooms feel as spacious as possible.

Colour, colour, colour

You might be all about a hot pink living room or a pitch-black bedroom, but chances are, your buyer is not. Think light neutral colours which help promote the feeling of space and are less likely to alienate a prospective purchaser. Colour is also important when it comes to picking out linen – white photographs best, and you can still add pop with coloured throws and pillows.

Up above and down below

Are your floors up to the challenge? Marked carpets, scratched floorboards and chipped tiles are not a good look – make sure your floor coverings don’t let you down when you show your property. Don’t forget about up above either – a simple updating of light fixtures can really lift an entire room, so be sure to look up and consider if an update here could make all the difference.

Use your nose

Smell is a huge factor that is often forgotten about – particularly when it comes to rooms like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Scented candles and/or incense in ornamental holders can make for a welcoming aroma while also adding a decorative touch to these areas.

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