Cleaning Craziness

Monday 18 Jun 2018

Cleaning craziness

I don’t know about you, but the whole idea of booking a cleaner to me is that you…don’t…have…to...clean!

If you are like me, revelling in the freedom of leaving the dirty work for that upcoming inspection or open house to a paid professional, you might be surprised to hear what some people get up to before their cleaner arrives.

In our business, we speak to a range of suppliers when it comes to cleaning properties on a regular basis, and man have we heard some funny stories!

First, there are the ones that do what my mother used to do – they clean the entire house before the cleaner arrives!

We aren’t talking a minor straighten up or making sure the dishes are done here, we are talking the full enchilada.

Most of the cleaners we talk to aren’t exactly sure why this happens – for some it can be put down to a bit of embarrassment, for others it seems to be a sense of pride. Either way, it is a certainly common occurrence!

Then, there are the ones that hide the mess away like some kind of hide and go seek that they don’t think the cleaners will notice!

Think dirty clothes or personal belongings shoved under the doona or squeezed away in cupboards, dirty dishes in the oven or the pantry, and even whole rooms that are off-limits to the cleaner to hide all matter of junk and rubbish!

Sometimes, even the whole family (outside of those living in the actual house) like to get involved. Unlike the situations above, this is more of a case of no shame at all, as friends and family throw in their washing with the ‘resident’ pile! Believe it or not, this has happened to a number of our suppliers – it is always worth a try I guess, who likes doing the laundry after all!

Do you have a funny story of what you or someone you know gets up to before the cleaner comes? We would love to hear it!


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